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Straight Stairlifts < 1000XXL

1000 XXL - NEW!

The Sterling 1000 XXL is the latest addition to Handicare's comprehensive range of straight stairlifts; by increasing the size of our range we are enabling you to serve a wider range of clients than ever before. 

The Sterling 1000 series continues to be a favorite for many, thanks not only to its superb seating system but also to its slim, anodized hidden rack track that maximizes clear space on the stairs.

In addition to the features and benefits that you have come to expect from the 1000 the XXL offers you the following extra benefits:  

* Accommodate users up to 440lb (200kg)  -currently the highest available battery powered unit in the market.  

* Powered swivel as standard - this makes turning the stairlift seat to get in and out on the landing as  easy as possible.

* Central swivel - improved center of gravity.   * Double arm spacers - increases the width between the arms of the Smart Seat from 18" (460mm) to 22" (560mm).

* XXL Velcro belt - this extra extra long belt has velcro on either end to hold it firmly in place and is 43" (1100mm) longer than the standard belt.
 obstructing any doorway at the base of the stairs.

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Safety as standard
All stairlifts have a range of safety sensors on the power pack and footplate: these are designed to stop the lift if it meets any obstruction.  Once stopped it can only be moved in the opposite direction away from the obstruction.  All stairlifts have a diagnostic display so that you can monitor the status of your stairlift, for example, if a safety edge has been activated. 

Your Simplicity stairlift has a clip operated seat belt for added security and peace of mind. 

Smooth & quiet
Because of the high quality motors we use in our Simplicity stairlifts, we offer the quietest and smoothest stairlift ride available.  All backed by a lifetime gearbox and motor guarantee.

Easy to use
The operating toggle is easy to use, simply hold it towards the direction you wish to travel, up or down, and your Simplicity will move smoothly and gently on its way.

The control is conveniently located at the end of the arm leaving both arms clear to provide unhindered support when getting on or off the seat. 

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