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Mobilift CX | Portable Wheelchair Lift (specs/tech ref)
Product Abstract
The Mobilift CX is a multipurpose, portable wheelchair lift that provides access to school stages, outdoor bleachers an elevated platforms. Over 1000 units are used in schools, colleges, churches, auditoriums and historic buildings to provide handicapped access. The lift is ideal where structural modifications are impractical, unattractive, too costly or prohibited for historic reasons. Unlike other vertical platform lifts, the Mobilift CX is manually powered making it easy to use and highly portable. The absence of batteries, hydraulic and electric components make the lift extremely reliable and virtually maintenance free. Mobilifts can be customized to accommodate unique situations – minimizing the chance that you will have to incur costly structural modifications to your facility. With its reasonable purchase price, the Mobilift is an economical way to make your location handicapped accessible – instantly!

Weight & Dimensions
The Mobilift CX is manufactured to exacting tolerances using aluminum and stainless steel. Critical components have been tested successful for extreme weather performance from -50 to +130F to ensure low-cost, trouble-free use. The lift conforms to stringent safety requirements with each lift factory load tested to 3000 lbs. – five times the rated load.

Typical lifting time: 20 seconds to maximum height of 60”

Maximum lifting height:
60” (1.52m)

Crank force required:
5 lbs to lift 150 lbs., 11 lbs.
To lift 300 lbs.

Capacity: 600 lbs (275kg)

Lift weight:
265 lbs. (120 kg)

Lift height:
66” (1.67m)

Lift width:
37.5” (0.95m)

72” (1.83m)

Platform size:
34” X 56” (0.86m X 1.42m) Accommodates a large wheelchair or scooter

Bridge ramp size:
20”L X 32”W (0.51m X 0.81m) Note: Other ramp sizes are available as an option

2 years from date of invoice
Deployment Details

•The Mobilift CX loads from a ground ramp which folds down to the platform.
•The lift’s platform is large enough to accommodate electric wheelchairs or scooters.
•No special training or expertise is required to operate the Mobilift
•Pictogram decals clearly depict the lift’s operating instructions. •Self sufficient – no power is required.

•20 seconds is the typical rime to the maximum elevation of 60”.
•5 lbs. Of crank force is required to lift 150 lbs.
•11 lbs of crank force is required to lift 300 lbs.
•Capacity is 600lbs; all lifts are factory tested to 3000 pds.

•The Mobilift unloads using a bridge ramp.
•Bridge ramps are available in different lengths to clear stairs or other obstacles.

Moving & Storage
•The Mobilift moves and stores easily and quickly.
•4 lbs. of force on level ground is all that is required to start a Mobilift moving – as easy as moving a shopping cart.
•Rolls well over uneven surfaces for outdoor stage or bleacher access.
•Mobilifts weigh approx. 265 lbs. And can be transported in the back of any size pickup truck.
•Weather protection
  -Enclosed shed
  -Open mesh shed
  -Tarp shed
•Loading from right side
•Stair bumper
•Oversize platform
•Narrow-doorway option
•Left-hand side cranking
•Mobile bridge ramp
•Powder coated main structure
•Choice of ramp lengths: 10” (0.25 m) | 30” (0.76 m) |
40” (1.0 m) | 50” (1.27 m) | 60” (1.52 m)
•CE certification for European customers

Every Mobilift carries a 2 year warranty from the date of invoice. The lift is also covered by after-sales support and assistance. Parts can generally be shipped within 48 hours.
Sample Customer List

Boston Duck Tours - MA
Patriot Place - MA
Berkshire Theater Festival - MA
Trolley Museum of NY
Healdton Independent School District - OK
Anverse, Inc. - GA
Stanton High School - NE
Clear Creek Independent School District - TX
Southeastern University - FL
Vitran Terminal - MD
The Lobar Corporation - PA
West Henderson High - NC
David Lawrence Convention Center - PA
Bethel Baptist Church - NC
Las Vegas Motor Speedway - NV
US Coast Guard Academy - CT
Featherlite Inc. - IO
Duquesne University
Hillcrest Elementary School - PA
Mystic Scenic Studios - MA




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